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Yooper Dictionary

ANGELO'S: Da best pizza place in Da Yooperland.

ASS: To inquire. "I want to ass you something."

BABYSITT: That yellow stuff in diapers.

BAT: A self-cleaning ritual using soap and water.

BERRYPICKER: Troll, Loper, Terrorist.

BIG MACK: The Mackinac Bridge or a large burger.

BUG JUICE: Best selling Yooperland cologne.

BUSH CALL: Road side or rest area relief stop.

CABIN FEVER: An illness that precedes Spring Fever.

CANUCKS: Canadians (Think U.S.2 speed limit is 80MPH)

CHICQUITO: A large bloodsucking insect indigenous to the

U P, a cross between a mosquito and a chicken.

CHICQUITO REPELLENT: A twelve-gauge shotgun.

COW: What Yooper farmers write on their livestock so they

won't be shot by terrorists from Detroit during deer


DA: The.

DEER TRACK STEW: A favorite meal of unsuccessful deer


DIGGER: A flying dive, usually landing on ones face.

D.N.R: The organization most responsible for the extinction

of native Brook Trout in Yooperland.

DRUNK LANE: The shoulder of the road.

FIFTEEN-TWO: Cribbage.

GAY BAR: Redneck bar in Gay.

HEAD TROLL: Governor Granholm.

HEIKKI LUNTA: The God of Snow in Yooper mythology.

HIGHWAY: Any road without a grass strip in the middle.

ICICLE: A Yooper kid's popsicle, water flavored.

I.G.A: Da store. (Go I.G.A.)

JUNKER: Yooper lawn ornament.

KITS: Children. "How's da wife and kits?"

LOPER: Native of the lower peninsula of Michigan, Troll..

MUD: Camp coffee.

MUD HOLE: The hole left by the spoon when you take it out

of the camp coffee.

NIGHT CLUB: Club used by Yoopers to beat off mosquitoes at


NINE-O-SIX (906): God's area code.

NO HUNTING: Shoot this sign.

NO TRESPASSING: Hunting and fishing are great here.

ONE-HOLER: Private restroom.

PANK: To pack or tamp down. "Pank da snow down."

PARTLY CLOUDY: Six-foot snow drifts.

PASTY: Yooper soul food.

PROFANE: Gas used in profane heaters.

RAHA: Money.

RALPH: A small community in da U.P., or toss your cookies.

REST STOP: Public bathroom near the highway, rare in


ROAD POP: Beer for cruising.

SHINING: Violating

SISU: The quality possessed by Yoopers which enables them

to endure and even enjoy Yooperland winters.

SITT: Manure.

SITTFACED: Too drunk to drive the main roads.

SNOTRAG: In winter a mitten, in summer a shirt sleeve.

SNOW COW: Moose, mother-in-law, girlfriend or wife.

SNOWED IN: What a Yooper is when da wife is laid up and

can't shovel.

SNOW SCOOP: Tool most often used by Yooper wives.

SOOZ: Things you wear on your feet. "Dese new sooz are

killing my feet."

SOPPERS: Choppers, leather mittens with woolen liners.

Also, people who sop. "K-Mart is full of soppers at

Christmas time.

SPRING FEVER: An illness that comes after Cabin Fever.

STUMP: A person who doesn't move during work or sex.

STUMP BEAR: A bear that closely resembles a large burned

out stump. Usually seen by terrorists.

STUMP JUMPER: A bush buggy or a Yooper who works in

the woods.

SUMMER: The warm season in Yooperland. The last one

occurred in 1990.

SWAMPERS: Rubber boots worn by Yoopers in the spring

during the muddy season. Not a winter boot.

TANKS: An expression of gratitude.

TARTS: Things you trow at a tartboard.

TICK: In great abundance, or spaced close together. Da

mosquitoes are as tick as flies on sitt."

TINKING: Yooper mental process, usually done with the aid

of sweet roll and a cup of coffee.

TERRORISTS: People who flock to Yooperland during the

terrorist season.

TOT: Past tense of tink. "I tot it was your turn to buy."

TREE AND A TURD: One-third of ten.

TROLL: Loper, a person living below the Mackinac Bridge.

TURD: More than second and less than fourth.

TWO-HOLER: Public restroom.

U. P.: Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Yooperland!

VENISON: Yooperland beef.

YCHJCYAPAA: Your Curiosity Has Just Cost You A Pizza

At Angelo's.

YOGI: A controlled (hopefully) 360 degree skid on icy roads.

YOOPERS: The Hardy & Friendly Residents of Yooperland.

YOUBETCHA: Yooper phrase, "Yes, without a doubt."

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