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Served with a Side Salad &
and ½ of a plain garlic bread (Add Cheese 75¢)
W/ Butter, Garlic Butter, Marinara or Alfredo Sauce ~$8.75

W/ Sausage, Chicken or Shrimp for $11.75

Add Veggies to your Fettuccini ~ $0.50 Ea.

Stuffed Shells
2 stuffed shells with ricotta cheese & topped with your choice of Marinara, Alfredo, Garlic Butter or Butter, pizza cheese and served with a side of Angelo’s salad and half of a plain garlic bread ~ $10.50 Add Veggies ~ 50¢ ea.
W/ Sausage ~ $12.50
Add Chicken or Shrimp ~ $13.50

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